Childrens book illustration: child characters by Lisa Mona

Children’s book illustrations

Like many other artists who are passionate about drawing, I’m a big fan of children’s book illustrations. So I always like to get in touch with people who have great ideas for a book. Nevertheless, they should not forget the business ulterior motive of realizing such a heart project. Although I get more and more requests for children’s book illustrations, I, unfortunately, have to refuse in most cases, because there are wrong financial ideas. Therefore, I think it is important to emphasize this once again: Even though young mothers and other hobby authors see their book as a leisure project, I have a different perspective on it because of my job. Because I earn my living with my illustrations, among other things.

Some time ago, in addition to my studies, I started a free, non-profit book project that has not yet been published. It was (and still is) a nice experience. I was free to use any style and technique and it turned out to be a very beautiful work. I hope it will be also published sometime in future.

A lifelong dream of mine is to publish at least once a book that has been illustrated and/or written by me. Therefore I like to browse various platforms and publishing sites. For example, I have also discovered Kunstanstifter, which publishes beautiful, inspiring works.

In the digital age, books no longer reflect the status quo of the zeitgeist. But an own, real, printed book is still something particularly valuable. Similar to a record, which is still very important, although hardly anyone still has a record player.