Coronavirus impact

I can scarcely believe how fast a system that we rely on is breaking down because of the Coronavirus. It is now still only a few weeks since the big crisis came in Austria, and events move quickly these days. Triggered by a small virus in a bat whose natural habitat has been and certainly is still restricted by humans. So, a “bat wing impact” at the other side of the world turned out to become an epic pandemic that affects our entire lives now. Isn’t it crazy?

I’ve just recently started my own company. This crisis will certainly have an impact on my professional life too as it has already on my personal life. Of course, my health and that of my loved ones are more important to me. So, I’m trying not to go in panic-mode. Since I work from home anyway, the isolation isn’t a great adjustment for me. Unfortunately, my plans visiting the tricky women festival in Vienna and the AnimationDingle in Ireland fell trough.

This situation gives us food for thought. Unless human society changes, similar disasters will follow. An appeal to humanity: protect our environment!

Stay safe and healthy!