FYI module 2 – vision and strategy

The second part of the FYI workshop series was about vision and strategy. It was held by Doris Rothauer from 24th to the 25th of June, a month ago. We heard about how to make strategies to accomplish our visions. Therefore, we also learned about how and why. In the following, I summarize the content and comment on it on the basis of my own business.

The vision

First of all, we had to ask ourselves about our motives, our power and where our energy comes from. To define what we want for our future is essential for making our own businesses. Furthermore, it is also important to think about private life concepts and how we bring them in context with our professional goals.

Doris showed us, how we can visually imagine a schematic representation of vision and strategy (see figure to the right, respectively beneath). The vision is over all our actions. Our leitmotif is derived from our vision. Leitmotif – or guiding principle – can also be seen as a mission, a statement. This is the basis for our strategy.

My mission statement is passionate about art and the magic of animation. In the discussions with the other participants of the workshop, it turned out that the reason why I pursue this passion is that I love to entertain people and to stimulate thoughts. I try to achieve this by telling stories and creating my own (fantastic) worlds of images and figures.

I find my power in nature and the little adventures that I experience there. People I meet every day, and literary sources from the past and present inspire me to create ever new representations and stories.

Leitmotif & culture or the concept of WHY

Simon Sinek is best known for presenting the concept of WHY in his first TED talk 2009. He started a movement to help people become more inspired at work. So they finally inspire their colleagues and customers. Therefore, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I doing, what I do?
  • What values are important to me?
  • Which culture do I live?

The culture is the result of how you behave as an entrepreneur and process structures in your business and which strategy you define for yourself.

I define myself as a cosmopolitan person who gives a lot of thought to his fellow human beings and the environment. Since I am drawn by the stressful everyday life in an advertising agency, a healthy life-work balance is very important to me nowadays (life’s first). That’s why I’m not available for everyone at any time of the day and night and also treat myself to my time out. These are some aspects that shape my corporate culture.

Core Competencies & Unique Selling Point

To position your business you should be aware of your core competencies and your unique selling point. Because this is how you can differentiate from your competitors. Also, this could be the reason why clients go to you instead of others. In your mission or your statement, which you can post on your website, for example. It is also advantageous that you name your unique selling point in your business statement.

So, how you can find your core competencies? First of all, it can be very helpful to make an intern analysis of your learned skills, but also of your style, your values and your attitude. Which are your biggest successes in the past? And what caused these successes? Also, you can look from another point of view. How do your colleagues or clients describe you?

As I’ve always been hungry for knowledge and new techniques, I’ve acquired many skills throughout my life. What particularly distinguishes me is that I know all the work steps for producing an animation film (2D and 3D) and also offer them as separate services. From concept art to final rendering, as an art director, I always keep track.

Market & environment analysis

Doris showed us some effective methods and tools to analyse the market. They are all listed in her book too. If you are interested, I recommend you Vision & Strategy.

Currently, there is a summer break from the FYI workshops. The next module will take place on September 1st and 2nd and deals with branding and communication. I’m looking forward to it.