FYI module 3 – Branding & Communication

From 1st to 2nd September the FYI workshop series from the creative region Upper Austria continued with the topic Branding & Communication. We learned a lot of these topics from Bernhard Buchegger, one of the directors of Gruppe am Park. Brands are the orientation system of our company. They form the emotional foundation of our outward signals. By changing our media behavior, we need brand systems that are as agile and easy to understand as possible – systems that can come to life and are lived daily. In this way, we unfold an inspiring brand experience on different touchpoints.

The decisions we make every day are only 5 % directed rationally, whereas 95 % are intuitively maken. This means that we are highly successfull by addressing the emotional need of the people. The Meta Idea (=the purpose) stands above the brand story, the brand products and the brand experience.

With this knowledge and media theories, we have dedicated ourselves to our own brand. In many group exercises we have taken time to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and searched for our purpose by asking Simon Sinek’s theories about why.

Limbic Type

To position our brand, we got some tools, one of them is the Limbic Type graphic. The brand of Lisa mona is is in the open minded section, this means: fantasy, ease, openess, dream, poetry.

Branding: differentiation

Lisa Mona isLisa Mona is not
subtle, soft soundsbigger, louder, better
free spirit9 to 5
naive viewmachine
playfull actingmainstream
personalitygo with the flow
saltysuggar babe