FYI module 5 – Presentation & Rhetoric

In the last FYI module, which takes place from 12 to 13 October, we learn about presenting and rhetoric by Bettina Wegleiter and Wojciech Czaja. This time we focus on the creativity of speaking, presenting, and discussing.

A successful appearance

Formulating core messages and putting the essentials to the point is crucial to presenting one’s own creative work and projects. It was particularly funny to practice different presentations in our small group in the form of practical, interactive role-plays. Bettina and Wojciech were wonderfully responsive to individual needs and gave us great feedback.

The conclusion of this FYI module and the workshop series

Is it really over? Time has just flown by. Our group has grown together in the meantime and I really appreciate my journey inside. The process of each/s individual is amazing and I am curious to see how the individual companies will all develop. I will gladly keep an eye on the eleven others from the first FYI workshop series of the Creative Region Upper Austria and am happy about the growing network and the developing friendships. I am also looking forward to future joint projects. For Florian Rammerstorfer, one of the founders of Firesheep Games, I was already able to implement an animated project (here to the trailer).

Other participants of the workshop series

Ness RubeyNess Rubey
Christoph GrubmairPaul, Jane & Leo
Anna Norznorz gmbh
Christoph WögerbauerChristoph Maleh
Isabella RoglIsabella Rogl 
Peter PostlmayrPostlmayrDesign 
Florian RammerstorferFiresheep Games
Romina Hafnerrohkonzept
Stefanie BreitfußStefanie Julia Breitfuß
Daniela WegerDaniela Weger
Martina StöbichMartina Stöbich 

I would also like to express a big thank you to the team of the Creative Region.