Learning French

About a year ago, I started learning French by myself with the app Duolingo. Because I’ve loved the sound of this language every since. Also, I’m a huge fan of French movies like Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. So, however, the progress I made wasn’t very great, unfortunately. Frankly, I hadn’t had much time for other things during my studies. … Read More

FMX and ITFS 2019

Last week I visited the FMX and ITFS 2019. It was a great pleasure for me as it was the two times before. The FMX theme this year was Bridging the Gap between Art and Tech. I always love to see how other artists develop beautiful and inspiring concepts. I find it astonishing, how Aardman Animations are creating this historical … Read More

My business cards

A few days ago my business cards arrived. I used different motives for the front side and only my basic data for the back. Because I love it clean and clear. Among the various motifs is my new, stylized self-portrait. I also created this in my corporate design colors. I also decided to use two of the illustrations I made … Read More

Master of Arts

Yesterday I completed my Master of Arts studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria. Still, I can’t believe it. It’s amazing, how fast time passed. I finished my Bachelor‘s in 2016. Currently, I’m still working on Fish for Life, our final project. The work on this animated short is in its final throes. My Master’s thesis, … Read More

Small support for VR game ‘Letzte Worte’

This week my fellow students published their VR game Letzte Worte on steam. The story of the game is very profound and dark. As we were only fourteen to sixteen students at our master’s degree, we felt like a little family. Therefore, we supported each other and had followed up on the other projects. My study colleagues Matthias Patscheider, Samantha … Read More

Inktober 2018

After missing this occasion every single time the past few years I’m finally making my contribution to the worldwide art challenge, Inktober 2018. This is the website, which shows the rules. Every October, thousands of artists take on a challenge by drawing one ink artwork a day for the entire month. Therefore, some guidelines exist, which I’m not following, though. … Read More

Nonverbal Expression in Animated Movies. With Timothy Reckart.

Currently, I’m writing my master thesis about Nonverbal Expression in Animated Movies. Therefore, I will analyze some works, amongst others, Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart. The animated short won lots of awards. 2013, it was even nominated for an Oscar. Not surprisingly, because of the sensitive story and its lovely realization in stop-motion. It beautifully shows the relationship of an … Read More

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