The colors of Fish for Life

Currently, the development of Fish for Life takes great steps forward – check out all the colors from the recent renderings on the new blog entry at First, I’ve chosen the colors of the characters and their story. These colors repeat in every single detail of the movie. For Fish for Life, I use a dark blueish, turquoise tone … Read More

Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid”) at tricky women 2018

Today our animated short Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid“) will be screened at the tricky women 2018. The Metro Kinokulturhaus shows it at 3 p.m. as part of the program Österreich Panorama. About Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid”) As I mentioned in a previous post, the story is about the grandpa of little Mina. He suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, … Read More

Fish for Life. Introduction.

Our new project we have been working on since March 2017 is called Fish for Life, a 3d animated short. The story is based on the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. We will bring the old classic into a new context. It’s a common situation taken from life: people reach a point where they can … Read More

Pygmalion – effect in animation

In the course of another academic paper, I analyzed Pygmalion’s effect in animation in modern, figural animated films. I set my focus on the transgression of the lifeless artifact to living fiction. Its forms of representation through materiality and medium fascinated me. The starting point of my work is Stoichitas’ book The Pygmalion-Effect. It focuses on 18th-century handicrafts and the … Read More

The Female Figure in Marta Pajek’s Impossible Figures and Other Stories II – paper

Two months ago I finished my paper about The Female Figure in Marta Pajek’s Impossible Figures and Other Stories II. The animated short focus on the conflict between the rational and a subliminal sensitive meta-level based on sexuality, nature, and intuition. Metaphors and symbolism play an essential role, resulting in complex ways of interpreting. Because interpretation is subjective, my work … Read More

Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid”)

I am happy to present you the trailer of Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid“). The animated short is about the everyday confusion of a grandfather from the point of view of his granddaughter. Mina is always able to explain all his confused actions with the great imagination of a child. Making of “Just Grandpa” This film was done in the … Read More

delusion’s award and selections

Victoria Wolfersberger and I are pleased about delusion‘s award and selections so far. Getting some positive response for our animated short is the best way to honor our work.   Selections delusion is one of the semi finalists of The Austrian Independent Film Festival. This festival is the biggest event for independent films in Austria. The festival shows international shorts, … Read More

The Female Figure in ‘Impossible Figures and Other Stories II’

Congratulations to the Grand Prix winner of the ITFS! The animated short Impossible Figures and Other Stories II truly deserved it. I had the great pleasure to watch this animated short the second time last week. (First, I’d seen it at the tricky women in Vienna, some weeks ago.) Furthermore, I visited the interviews afterward with the filmmaker Marta Pajek. … Read More

FMX & ITFS 2017

I visited the FMX & ITFS 2017 – again, as I did in 2015. This year we’ve visited the conferences with the whole study course. If you’re an animation freak as I am, you know about Europe’s hugest conference dedicated to Digital Visual Arts and stuff. But I love the Festival of Animated Film (‘Internationales Trickfilm Festival’) even more, because … Read More

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