Presentation of delusion

Today was the day of my presentation of delusion. I called this study project “Through the Woods” at this point. I struggled with the right title for quite some time. The project isn’t finished yet. But it will be continued. There are still a lot of problems, though. But I got positive feedback, that I’m very proud of. “Through the … Read More

Walk cycle studies for delusion

In recent days, I’ve studied with excitement the effect of a walk cycle on the main character of delusion. This is all research work for my main project for University. Therefore, I used frame by frame animation in Adobe Photoshop. This means I drew every single image of the 12 fps animation. For the beginning scene, I’ve chosen a lightweight … Read More

Animatic beginnings for delusion

The video below shows the animatic beginnings of my new animated film project which I started as a one-woman-project first. It’s for the fourth semester at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. At this point, I’m at the very beginning of the animation. There is still a lot of exciting and fascinating work to do. First, I make the artwork … Read More

ThrowAway presentation at the University

Today was the presentation of ThrowAway, a 2d animated short. Therefore, we’d presented the work of the third semester at the FH Hagenberg, University of Applied Sciences. We are a team out of four students, who created this animated piece of art. The subject of throwaway society is shown in a dance of a young woman. The fast movements and … Read More

ThrowAway progress

In this post, I want to tell you a little about the ThrowAway progress. I’ve just finished the title sequence. I think the character of the font fits very well with the rotoscoping. I made a frame-by-frame animation of the font which looks like writing. In the review, I have decided to choose jeans and a simple top as the … Read More

ThrowAway prototype

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the ThrowAway prototype. We have to make our first big project in the winter semester of 2014/15. The plan: a 2D animation of a dance performance with a socially critical aspect, the consuming frenzy. The phrase of a masterpiece? Who knows. Our aim is to use a special rotoscoping technique to get … Read More

Portfolio online

It’s me finally proud to present my very own website to show you my portfolio online. Fortunately, this site would never be finished, because there is never an end to creativity and to my work. My aim is to create and produce memorable, high-quality animated films in different techniques. I love the old traditional way as also modern procedural animations. … Read More

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