Walk cycle studies

I’ve studied with excitement the effect of a walk cycle on the main character of my project for University (PRO4) in recent days in different variations. For the beginning scene, I’ve chosen a lightweight and free movement – a child who discovers the world with an open mind and joy of nature. Below you could see my sketches of this … Read More

PRO4 animatic beginnings

This video shows the animatic beginnings of my new project. It’s for the fourth semester at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg (pro4). At this point I’m at the very beginning of the animation. There is a lot of exciting and fascinating work to do. I can’t wait to continue to work on this project. Some notes I don’t like … Read More

ThrowAway presentation

Today was the presentation of ThrowAway. Therefore, we’d presented the work of the 3rd semester at the FH Hagenberg, University of Applied Sciences. We are a team out of 4 students, who created an animated short. The subject throwaway society is shown in a dance of a young woman. The fast movements and changes represent our time, told in a … Read More

ThrowAway title sequence

The title sequence for ThrowAway is finished. I think the character of the font fits very well with the rotoscoping. I made a frame-by-frame animation of the font which looks like writing. In addition, I have improved the first part, because the quality was not usable, unfortunately. In the review, I have decided to choose jeans and a simple top … Read More

ThrowAway shooting

Finally, we were ready for shooting reference material for our new animated short ThrowAway. Gabriela developed the choreography to the music of Chris Zabriskie.   Making of The film was shot in one piece on Friday evening at the University. Fortunately, we did not need many takes, because Gabriela is a fabulous dancer. Everything turned out smoothly. With the help of … Read More

ThrowAway prototype

In this post, I’m gonna tell you about the prototype of our new animated short. We have to make our first big project in the winter semester 2014/15. The plan: a 2D animation (rotoscoping) of a dance performance with a socially critical aspect, the consuming frenzy. The phrase of a masterpiece? Who knows.   First thoughts In Austria, according to a … Read More

Portfolio online

It’s me finally proud to present my very own website to show you my portfolio online. Fortunately, this site would never be finished, because there is never an end to creativity and to my work. I used other platforms to present my work before, mainly DeviantArt. But I think, it’s important now to have my very own, independent presence online. … Read More

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