Self-awareness in silence

Spring 2020 is strangely silent. The calm before the storm? It’s time to focus, to become self-aware. Staying at home because of the pandemic means also a lot of thinking and worrying. As an artist, I’ve been feeling extremely useless and empty lately. Nevertheless, I always find new strength in some things that are still accessible to me.

First, I just love to take a walk quite often. Because I can find great strength in nature. Global issues seem so far away in a wild field of marsh grass. It has also become quieter here, because not so many cars are now on the roads. The street noise usually spreads far into the forests and the countryside.

The second thing is yoga. I’d fallen in love with these daily practices some years ago. For me, it’s like meditation with my body. The practise gives me the power to concentrate on the good aspects in nearly every situation. Here you can find my newest work, I’ve animated a 2d figure.

Then I have a lot of phone calls and personal skype conferences lately to stay in contact with my friends. This is very important of course, to overcome the border of isolation.

Last but not least other artists all around the world inspire me very much. Today I found the Hope@Home episodes from Daniel Hope and Christoph Isreal on Arte. Awesome collection of fabulous music pieces. This gives me a lot of inspiration.

I hope you can find strength in simple things too. They are very important to get through these dark and isolated times.