My spreadshirt shop online!

Great news – my very own spreadshirt shop is online! Now it’s possible to print an exclusive selection of my inked illustrations on organic clothes and bags. This makes unique gifts for you and your loved ones.

I thought of expanding my love for personal gifts into my own online store. I think bringing joy to others can be the greatest pleasure for oneself. I even enjoy digitizing traditional illustrations and preparing them for printing. Also, I have ordered clothes for my own wardrobe. Therefore, I am extremely satisfied with the material. I particularly like the kiwi illustration. With its fluffy plumage the little bird has become a real eye-catcher I think. Initially, I had this work made on request by the mother of my dear friend and collegue Victoria. She is a big New Zealand fan for sure and the biggest fan of my kiwi bird illustration.

Production of my Spreadshirt Shop article

Organic products are very important to me, because I also try to live environmentally friendly where it goes. It is not always possible, of course, and I do not want to condemn anyone who wears conventional clothing. You can also make do with second-hand products.

If you have a special printing request, you can write me an mail.