Animationjam Stop Motion Set 2017


The Animationjam is an event at the campus Hagenberg that will be reintroduced. On 1st and 2nd April we started a test jam and it worked out really well. Therefore, nothing stands between the Media Technology and Digital Arts students and this special kind of jamming.

The conditions

One weekend, 36 hours to create an animated short. This requires small groups of 2 to 5 people and a good teamwork. Furthermore, the animationjam has a special topic, which the teams get announced 12 hours before start. It all started on Saturday, the 1st April at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. The topic was ‘outside beautiful, inside ugly‘. (Because the weather was really great this weekend.)

Our goal

We, a team out of four, wanted to create a stop motion movie. For this purpose preproduction and planning is everything. Therefore, we had to take the whole Saturday for preparing our concept, building the models and getting all the stuff we needed for animation.

We shoot 4 scenes on Sunday. It was very stressful, but the outcome is amazing! Feel free to watch here.