Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid”) at tricky women 2018

Today our animated short Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid“) will be screened at the tricky women 2018. The Metro Kinokulturhaus shows it at 3 p.m. as part of the program Österreich Panorama. About Just Grandpa (“Da Opa hoid”) As I mentioned in a previous post, the story is about the grandpa of little Mina. He suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, … Read More

Tricky women 2017

I’ve visited the tricky women 2017 festival in Vienna. Feminism is a very important topic for me for many years now. So, I’d love to make an animated short of this topic one day. Therefore, this event was especially inspiring for me, to get different viewpoints of female film makers.   Feminism today The life of women today is based … Read More

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