Chloé is another character-study I’ve done for the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg.


About Chloé

She is a young fashion designer, who wants to go to Paris to open her very own boutique. The character is adventurous, chaotic, a little bit scatty and distracted. Chloé loves old and fancy clothes and therefore she visits old fashion flea markets.

I did the first sketch on my Cintiq tablet in Photoshop. Afterward, I started to model Chloé in zBrush. Although I had some issues working with the new program, I loved the modeling. Also, I created a turnaround of the character.

To finish my work on this one I used a flat shader and edited the rendering in Photoshop to create the character sheet and the hero shot.

  • Characterstudy Photoshop
  • 2016

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