ThrowAway is an animated short with the duration of 67 seconds. We created this project during our third semester at University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg 2014/15. Check out the team of ThrowAway.

The subject

The subject throwaway society is shown in a dance of a young woman, in a catchy and easy way. The fast movements and changes represent our time. So, the consumer boom is questioned. We can see the main character moving through a variety of areas that encourage people to buy – symbolized as “sale”-banners. The dancer changes her outfits and accessories multiple times throughout the dance. At the end, as everything fades away, she is left empty and alone.

Making of ThrowAway

We decided to transport the topic in a dance. Gabriela developed the choreography we filmed. The dance was shot with 25 frames per second in 1080p. Afterward, our team rotoscoped the material. We kept the same amount of frames per second to ensure the smoothness of the dance. The majority of the content was drawn digitally with the use of graphic tablets. Some effects from Adobe After Effects were used in the post production.

  • 2D Animation Rotoscopy
  • FH Hagenberg
  • 2014/15

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